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    3815 South Main Street

    Elkhart, IN 46517


    Located on US 33 in Elkhart, you'll find our salon between Key Bank and Dr. Burns' Orthodontics office. If you need help finding us, please call us at (574) 875-0711. We'll get you here!


    Cutting Loose Salon Suites was founded in 2003 by owner Steve Kite. He wanted the stylists under his roof to be independent and have the flexibility to choose their own work schedules. With 12 stylists and 300+ years combined experience, Cutting Loose Salon Suites can definitely meet your needs.

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    Call (574) 875-0711 to hear about all of the services Cutting Loose Salon Suites has to offer!

  • Meet the Stylists

    Read about all of our talented stylists and their specialties.

    Steve Kite, owner

    (574) 875-0711 ext. 0

    Licensed since 1984, Steve specializes in color correction and men's clipper cutting. Steve loves most his family and pets.

    Matt Campagnoli

    (574) 849-2226

    Licensed since 1993, Matt specializes in hair color, razor cutting, and kids haircuts. Matt serves at church and enjoys writing, recording, and performing music.

    Raymond Corrillo

    (574) 703-6274

    Licensed since 2015, Raymond is a bilingual barber and specializes in the latest barbering techniques for men, including straight razor and fades. Raymond enjoys spending time with family and listening to salsa music.

    Samantha Ferguson

    (574) 354-7199

    Licensed since 2007, Samantha specializes in fashion colors, razor cutting, perms, and extensions. Samantha enjoys going to concerts, spending time with family and friends, crafting, and comics.

    Andrea Freel

    (574) 298-5251

    Licensed since 1999, Andrea specializes in corrective color and hair extensions. Andrea enjoys spending time with her family and friends, and considers herself a perfectionist.

    Alyssa/Ali Hoogenboom-Clancey

    (574) 312-0968

    Licensed since 2008, Ali specializes in hair extensions and serving the needs of the entire family. Ali enjoys spending time with her family, outdoor activities, movies, and reading.

    Lisa Jones

    (574) 849-3598

    Licensed since 1999, Lisa specializes in hair color, nails, and haircuts. Lisa enjoys attending family events and decorating her home.

    Linda Lemere

    (574) 343-9594

    Licensed since 1979, Linda specializes in hair color and highlights. Linda enjoys donating her time to help rescue animals.

    Tiffany Mast

    (574) 575-9866

    Licensed since 2000, Tiffany specializes in the Milkshake product line and spa services. Tiffany enjoys kayaking, camping, and cooking.

    Cheri Rhimbaugh

    (574) 971-6013

    Licensed since 1977, Cheri specializes in perms, hair color, and shampoo sets. Cheri enjoys spending time with her grandkids and playing cards with her family.

    Sherry Willard

    (574) 215-6297

    Licensed since 1968, Sherry specializes in hair styling and razor cutting. Sherry enjoys fishing and mushroom hunting.

    Laura Yoder

    (574) 202-0529

    Licensed since 1998, Laura specializes in advanced color techniques and hair design. Laura enjoys music, movies, the Food Network, fitness, and reading.

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    We always welcome interested stylists to call us and see if Cutting Loose Salon Suites is right for you. At our salon you set your own hours and work out of a private salon suite that you can decorate to match your personal style.

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    Cutting Loose Salon Suites

    3815 South Main Street

    Elkhart, IN 46517


    (574) 875-0711


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